About Us


Innovation, diversity and high quality is a preference of masses in today’s era. Therefore, when it comes to food, Selani food recipes and mixes believe in making customers the masters of their kitchen, with the finest blends of flavors, aroma and quality.

Selani Spice and Food Industries is a Pakistani producer of packaged spice mixes used in Pakistani and Indian cuisine along with many other countries of South Asia. We belong to the Memon Community; our forefathers belonged to Gujrat, India. We are the followers of Khwaja Mohikmuddin Selani (Wali u Allah), thus, our name originates from his name. We are mostly known as ‘Selani’ family. Our forefathers migrated from India in early 60’s, the time in which most of the migrations took place. Upon reaching Pakistan, the family wanted to restore its stability, therefore they pondered upon the ideas to earn a livelihood so after flooding our brains with countless ideas, we finally concluded to a productive one which was to start a business of whole spices on a small-scale.

Rafiq Sattar, the Chairman of the company is in the business of whole spices since a very long time. He is M.A. from University of Karachi and L.L.B., L.L.M. from S.M. Law College, Karachi. It’s been more than 3 decades in this business and we have come a long way till here.

Over the years, we have expanded gradually and today we are the importers and exporters in raw spices and whole spices from all around the world. Selani has an unparalleled reputation for being a reliable shipper of whole spices with an emphasis on quality goods for more than 3 decades.

Moreover, our highly skilled team of experts wanted to serve our valued customers with something which could enhance the flavors, and help our loyal customers with products that could make their life easier, convenient, and time saving so we introduced SELANI MASALA in the year 2019, where we expanded from raw spices to processed spices and finally introduced the recipe mixes.

Our track record of reliability continues to be a widespread. We are committed to Delicious, Aromatic, Fresh and Healthy, culinary solution at the best rates. We understand our clients’ food fusion and satisfy their needs for new pursuit of being one of the best quality spices” provider. We will success to meet your daily cooking and feast needs well, with this, we believe, set us apart from other culinary Brands.


Chef Asad is a renowned Pakistani chef who has extensive experience and talent for his extraordinary culinary journey. He has appeared and excelled on several ccoking shows. Selani Foods and Spices are fortunate to have Chef Asad in our R&D department who himself tests, approves and endorses each spices that comes under our banner. His endorsement is a great benefit to Selani spices..

We take pride in assuring our customers about our achievements this far, which we consider as certifications from reputable organizations that make sure that quality food is served. Selani Food and Spice Industries is an ISO 9001 and HACCP certified company. It is also certified with PSQCA and HALAL certified too.


Innovation, diversity and high quality is a preference of masses in today’s era. Therefore, when it comes to food, Selani food recipes and mixes believe in making customers the masters of their kitchen, with the finest blends of flavors, aroma and quality. Being in the business of food commodities, we believe that diversity in the range, innovation of new ideas, high quality ingredients and packaging along with the application strict quality control measures are factors that are critical to any consumer.


We value traditions and craftsmanship that is passed on from generations to generations. As a matter of fact, we have been innovating with food and we cannot ignore the fact that the world is changing at an ever faster pace. So, a question that pops up in our mind is that how do we cope with the shifting consumer demands? The answer is, bringing variation into our product range. Our products range from ready-made spice mixes, tantalizing pickles, sauces, chutneys, rice and instant sweet mixes


Since we believe in the firm commitment to provide premium quality of products to our customers, we use the best raw materials of its kind and struggle to make quality finished product in controlled and hygienic environment. Our quality inspection team performs various quality control tests at each stage to ensure compliance to national and international standards of food production. Therefore, the company maintains a fully-equipped, modern, in-house laboratory to ensure 100% quality assurance. We have developed our facility as such to ensure safety and consistency of our products during storage, processing and transportation in order to provide true and authentic flavor to our customers. Many innovative minds are continuously exploring new ideas to achieve our goal as the leading food brand of Pakistan.


Our mission is to expand globally and to conform to the international food standards and ensuring availability of our products to our valued customers at affordable prices. Our prime objective is to push ourselves further that will result in expansion of our product range in the upcoming years, to serve the interest of our customers.

With a strong commitment to the environment, the company has a strict environmental policy including: the prevention of pollution, minimization of usage and pollution of water, minimization of the use of other natural resources, and promoting the re-use and recycling of generated waste. We continuously struggle to improve our environmental performance through the participation of all our employees in environmental management.